Is Your Organisation Protected Against Ransomware?

Let us show you how your current defences would cope with a real world ransomware attack.

A Realistic Simulation That Truly Assesses Your Organisation

Our ransomware simulation service will go through all aspects of a ransomware attack, starting with initial access all the way to file encryption and exfiltration.  

Gain assurance of your existing security controls – before a real breach takes place.

Ruptura InfoSecurity Ransomware Simulation Dashboard

Designed for Your Business

Bespoke to Your Organisation

Fully bespoke to your environment, our engagement can be tailored to match your organisations key risks.  Prior to commencing the service, our technical team of operators will work with you to identify your main potential threats and will subsequently build the service around those.

Findings That Make Sense

As a client, you will not only receive a highly technical report  detailing each step of the engagement, but you will also have access to our cloud based dashboard environment for 12 months.

Safe and

All code is securely developed in house, from our UK office


Our team consists of cyber security professionals, who are trusted with securing critical assets daily.


We hold all decryption keys to fully restore data.

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A key element to a successful ransomware simulation engagement is understanding how your business works and the technologies that it uses. We will work with you to create an action plan tailored to your environment, enabling us to truly assesses your organisation in its current state.

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We will assess the various ways that ransomware could enter your organisation's internal environments. We will not only look at traditional access vectors, but also those that are less common but equally effective.

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In the Execution phase, our team of experienced operators will run a selection of hands-on technical assessments against the pre-defined targets. These tests aim to assess your current ransomware and wider malware controls at a granular level, providing you with full visibility of your cyber risk profile.

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Data Loss Prevention

Not only will we assess your current malware and ransomware controls, we will also assess how data is protected within your environment. Various assessments focused around exfiltrating data will be performed, highlighting potential gaps within your Data Loss Prevention systems.

Ransomware Simulation Testing
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Our specialist operators will create your bespoke, technical ransomware simulation report, detailing all areas of the engagement and their corresponding results. Alongside this, your custom dashboard will be provisioned, providing your organisation with access to high level statistics for the next 12 months.

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Our Ransomware Simulation

Our simulation provides accurate and true results, based upon practical and realistic assessments.


Table top / theory only. These lack any guarantee that protections are working correctly.

Used in Business Continuity Exercises
Safe and Secure
Practical and Hands On
Highlights Real Time Risks
Bespoke to Your Environment
Assesses All Key Areas in Depth

Provides True Value

A Cyber Security Partner You Can Trust

Ruptura InfoSecurity are a fully accredited and trusted UK based cyber security provider. Our services are used by various organisations around the world, with many of them being household names. You can rest assured that our technical cyber security expertise and level of service is second to none.

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We are proud to be exhibiting at the International Cyber Expo later this year. It would be great to meet with our existing and prospective clients to help them with their penetration testing and cyber security requirements.